God Bless America

And I have no doubt Secretary Hillary Clinton is breathing massive sighs of relief today, as the FBI recommends that she not be prosecuted for her breaches of national security in utilizing a personal e-mail domain and associated servers – rather than following appropriate security protocols – to send and receive tens of thousands of e-mails, a small portion of which contained highly classified information or subjects.

There are a ton of news reports and interpretations of FBI Director James B. Comey’s statement.  If you prefer to read for yourself instead of having other people tell you bits and pieces of what he said and what you should think about it, here is the full text of his comments today.  Here is my interpretation:

  1.  Secretary Clinton violated US law in her use of a personal, unsecured e-mail server to communicate highly sensitive, official work messages through
  2. A lack of precedent for prosecutions of similar offenses leads Director Comey to recommend that no attempt to prosecute Secretary Clinton be made
  3. However, this lack of precedent should not be interpreted as an unwillingness to prosecute others who violate the law in this manner

What a curious balance.  Secretary Clinton’s actions are clearly illegal and irresponsible, and if someone else committed these identical acts, they could reasonably expect to be vigorously prosecuted and potentially imprisoned for them.  But Secretary Clinton will not be subject to any such procedure, because nobody has successfully prosecuted an official for this before.

How in the world can US citizens be expected to interpret these events?  Well, frankly, we’re not expected to.  We’re expected to just accept them like we’ve accepted all of the other travesties of justice committed by our elected officials.  We are expected to be duly outraged and indignant.  Then we are expected to go back to streaming Game of Thrones or talking about the latest Dancing with the Stars episode.  We aren’t expected to remember – we’ll be given something new and different to be terrified or outraged about later this week, no doubt.  We aren’t expected to organize.  We aren’t expected to let this affect how we vote.  We aren’t expected to talk about this any more because the decision has been made, right?  Who are we to demand accountability when the Director of the FBI has recommended no such accountability?  End of story, right?

You tell me.



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