California, Again

Living in California I’m amazed at the beauty of where I live, still in shock after nine years in the state and six years in our current locale that God has seen fit to place us here.  We are blessed beyond belief.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some really serious issues to deal with in our state.  For instance, did y’all know that in California, there is no option to get out of paying for abortion services through your insurance?  If you’re buying health insurance in the State of California, even if you’re a church, you’re paying for abortion services.  The State of California classified abortion services as a “basic service” in the state, meaning every insurance provider has to cover such services, meaning everybody in California is paying money towards these services – even if you disagree with them ideologically.  No exceptions.

Several churches tried suing the State as well as petitioning the Obama administration for exemption to this ruling, but failed on all fronts.

Yet another reason why, for as long as we’re able to, we’re going to opt out of traditional insurance in favor of a shared health expense network that more closely aligns to our values and beliefs.

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