A Tetris Movie?

So apparently there is a plan to make a movie based on the video game Tetris.  Video-game based movies are all the rage, seeking to capitalize on several generations of gamers who love the games and will go to see the movie.  Usually, these movies at least work in theory because they’re based on story-oriented games.  Video games that tell a story and involve the player in the story in some way.  It doesn’t mean that the movie will be good, but it at least makes sense.

But to make a movie about a video game without a story?  A video game that simply (well, not simply!) challenges the player to arrange geometrical blocks into interlocking lines as much and as quickly as possible?  How do you make a movie (other than a historical or biographical kind of movie) out of a game like that?  And how, moreover, do you justify not just making a single movie but a  trilogy?

I love the game – it’s still in my mind a perfect game that never gets old or tiring and is always slightly different and challenging every time you play it.  But I can’t imagine going to see a movie about it!



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