Meanwhile, in Crete…

…Christian unity, sorta.

For the first time in 1200 years, there is a gathering of various Orthodox Christian leaders.  It isn’t a complete gathering, as the 100-million member Russian Orthodox Church is not attending.

I’m frequently asked why there is so much divisiveness among Christians if we’re supposed to be unified in Christ.  The answer is that we are united in Christ but we’re still sinful.  We struggle with sin and the after-effects of sin.  We struggle with our brokenness, pride, and any number of other things.  We separate because of our interpretations of Scripture.  Most of the time those interpretations aren’t issues of salvation, but they represent genuine, faithful, intellectual disagreements that prevent us from worshiping together.

There are lots of ways that Christians can and should continue working together, but that doesn’t always happen.  Painful pasts, sensitivities to insults and other slights can take on larger-than-life importance.  But this meeting is at least a start.  Maybe it will lead to additional meetings sooner rather than later.  As Christians we should always be openly in dialogue and relationship with Christians of other denominations and stripes, always searching for unity, always looking for ways that emphasize our unity in Christ rather than our sinful separation.

It isn’t easy work, but it’s faithful.

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