Drawing Faith

Last Sunday I confirmed my oldest son.  It was a wonderful experience to get to work with him intentionally over the past year and a half to prepare for that day.  Wonderful to watch him articulate his faith, to ask questions and think about the faith and make sense of it for himself.

I think it’s natural as parents to wonder if our kids are getting it.  The it might be anything – honesty, integrity, compassion.  But most importantly for my wife and I is that our kids get the faith.  That we show and speak our hope in Jesus Christ clearly and honestly to them and with them, so that they carry on that faith once they leave home.  We want them to know that our faith as the most important thing in our lives, and that we want them to receive it as such in theirs, appropriately for their age.

But you always wonder.  Which is why moments like Confirmation are beautiful opportunities to glimpse what is going on behind their eyes.  But sometimes those moments come in other, unexpected and different ways as well.

As I was puttering about at church before a wedding this afternoon, I noticed a drawing on one of the kids’ clipboards that we give to younger worshipers.

photo (35)

Ed is a member of our congregation who passed away a few weeks ago.  This was drawn during his memorial service, a fact I confirmed with the 11-year old artist, our daughter.  At the top is the Aaronic benediction.  At the bottom was her note to Ed.  “I did not really know you, but I hope I will know you someday.  We will all miss you.  I bet Jesus is very proud of you…”  Jesus and Ed have their arms around each other’s shoulders.

I think she’s getting it.  The hope.  The tension of now and not yet.  The anticipation.  The realization that we are bound together by something deeper and greater and more eternal than mere familiarity.  We are bound together in our hope in Jesus Christ that one day we will get to know each other someday.  Truly.  Perfectly.

I figure that she learns this more from her mother than me, and I’m fine with that.  As long as she gets the faith.


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