Room with a Who

A couple of interesting articles on a related issue caught my eye today.  Firstly, that the local state university is allowing students to dictate how they will be addressed and identified on campus, including on their student ID.  The second article was how an Oregon resident was allowed to change their gender to “non-binary” for the first time, avoiding a specification of either male (which they were born as) or female (which they transitioned to).

In the first case, this means that nobody other than an isolated section of University services will actually know the real, legal name of the student.  They can determine whatever first name they want to be known by, and everyone on campus has to utilize that name.  In the second case, the judge noted that there was no adequate reason to deny the applicant’s request for “non-binary” gender status, even though the applicant had transitioned to being female.

So if your daughter is applying to state university for residential housing on campus, is there any guarantee that she’ll be roomed with another girl?  Is there any way to enforce this?  And if your daughter is freaked out about rooming with an anatomical male, will she be the one forced to undergo mandatory counseling on non-discrimination and non-judgmental approaches to life?  Will the school honor a request for a different roommate, or insist that they will not, and that they will not refund your housing money if you decide your daughter should live off campus with an actual female roommate?  Are you comfortable with your tax dollars going to fund an arrangement like this?

Likewise, for the person who doesn’t want to identify as male or female on their legal documentation, despite the fact that they have an actual physical gender (one at birth or one they’ve transitioned into), what sort of protections are offered to a landlord who mistakenly rents to a person who identifies as one gender but is physically another?  Or is the landlord guilty of discrimination and subject to penalties and fines?

Curiouser and curiouser…


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