Nobody’s Business

The early assertions of the move to redefine marriage in our country were that the changes wouldn’t affect anyone.  What did it matter to you, traditional heterosexual married couple, if someone else wanted to marry someone of the same gender instead?  How could it possibly matter to you?  The argument proved persuasive.  We begin to realize in retrospect that the argument was deceptive.  If you’re going to say that same-sex marriages are legal, then you need to re-educate people to accept same-sex attraction.  The entire educational system (as well as media) is being revamped to be fully inclusive in all discussions of sexuality and gender.  Social media platforms are already acting on this to provide users with a broad selection of options in their self-designations.

And for those who are no longer in school and subject to the sticks and carrots of grades and evaluations and scholarships, different sticks need to be used.  Legislative sticks.  The threats of fines for failing to adhere to the newly developing social structure.  So it is that the New York City Commission on Human Rights can insist that you must refer to people the way they prefer for you to.  If you’re speaking to a man who thinks of himself as a woman, you have to refer to him the way he wants – with feminine pronouns (she, her) or titles (Ms., Mrs.).  Or, you have to become acquainted with a burgeoning field of gender-neutral or gender-alternative pronouns like zie or hir.  Never heard of them before?  Better do your homework, or you could be fined $125,000 the first time you refuse to bow to the arbitrary whims of whomever you’re talking to.

I don’t think this ruling can withstand a Freedom of Speech lawsuit, but it’s scary to think that a group of people actually consider it reasonable to force an entire city to do and say what they want them to do and say under threat of financial ruin.


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