Selective Hate

Recently a local minister was assaulted in his home after opening his door very early in the morning in response to a call for help.  A young man – likely under the influence of something – then charged into the house, beat the minister 30 times in the head, attacked his wife as well, and then awaited arrest naked from the waist down in their front yard.

A few observations, perhaps relevant to our cultural relationship to Christianity.

The young man is not being charged with a hate crime.  I wonder if the victim had been a Jewish rabbi, or a Muslim imam, if the young man would have been charged with a religious hate crime?  I strongly suspect so, even though the attack appears to have been random.

I also found this article rather callous about the whole thing.  Essentially the minister is blamed by the writer for opening the door.  The minister lives in a turbulent section of town associated with a high density of college students.  If you can call anyplace ‘safe’ anymore, you wouldn’t necessarily choose that adjective first for this area, despite the fact that there is also a segment of the population there that are long-term, stable property owners.  Someone wandering around under the influence at a late or early hour isn’t beyond the realm of possibility by a long shot.  Still, the odds of that person assaulting you in your own home is probably pretty slim.  How quickly would deputies have arrived if the minister had called them instead of responding himself?

In an area that seeks a greater sense of community and inter-relatedness in the aftermath of repeated tragedies over decades, blaming the victim is callous.  Again, would a rabbi or an imam have been blamed by an author for their injuries?  I highly doubt it.  But so long as it’s a Christian, hey, why not?


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