Mum’s the Word

I find it fascinating the diversity of things that we can watch movies about.  Film festivals are a good way to experience this firsthand, since many of the films are so small that they’ll never make it to more than a handful of theaters.  A couple of years I volunteered at our local film festival and was impressed by the diverse lineup.

A larger-scale film festival is Tribeca.  There are films about abortion, about virginal basketball legends, about coming of age in New York City.  Films about refugee camps and endangered species.  Films that deal with hot-topic issues like public opinion regarding police, as well as lighter films covering famous disc jockeys or chronicling the efforts of an Asian female rap group.

But one thing we can’t talk about is vaccinations, apparently.  Tribeca had planned to screen a controversial film by anti-vaccine crusader and former doctor Andrew Wakefield.  However due to what was probably a huge amount of controversy, Tribeca reversed the decision and is refusing to screen the movie.  While Wakefield’s research has been discredited (at least in theory, however Wakefield claims that his research *has* been duplicated successfully – in other countries), he continues to stand by his assertions that vaccinations may be contributing to health issues.  I find it interesting that we can talk about anyone and anything – no subject is taboo – unless it questions the status quo of a massive, worldwide industry.

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