Terror, Again

Brussels is reeling from terrorist attacks that have killed at least 30 and wounded over two hundred more.

I’ve already seen a handful of Belgian flags popping up on Facebook, similar to the French flags that dotted Facebook for a few weeks after the Paris attacks last November.  Pity that such symbolic gestures of support are meaningless.  Worse than meaningless.  They mislead people into thinking they are doing something tangible in a situation when they are not (unless they are doing other things – like insisting that political leaders be held responsible for allowing such things to continue).

I didn’t see many California state flags or US flags a while back when the couple in San Bernardino went on a shooting spree in December. But the same policies that have made the attacks in Paris and Brussels possible will allow for them to happen here.  Refusing to differentiate between legitimate refugees and anyone seeking relocation, in the misguided name of tolerance, love, non-discrimination, or whatever bunk term you want to apply is not simply foolish and misguided, it is actually lethal and dangerous.

Until our leadership is held accountable, we the people will continue to be the ones put at risk.  We can begin to demand accountability and responsible, intelligent policies now, or we can demand them after the mass funerals and eulogies of our own people.  My prayers are with the people of Belgium (including our most recent exchange student and her parents, who we were privileged to meet before her departure), but my prayers are also for my own nation.  For wisdom and the strength to use it.

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