Last Midweek Lenten Service

Tonight is the last of our midweek Lenten services.  While next week is still part of Lent, we’ll be having services on Palm Sunday morning, Thursday (Maunday Thursday), Good Friday (Tenebrae), Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil) and Easter Sunday morning.

I love the season of Lent and the themes of repentance and renewal.  I love the changes that take place in the sanctuary – visible reminders of the season, cues as to the major themes and ideas of the season.  I like the larger number of folks who show up for Wednesday evening dinners together.  It all has a flow to it that is even more impactful than Christmas, perhaps because people are, as a whole, not quite so pre-occupied with other events like holiday/Christmas parties and family get togethers.

Being stubborn (or arrogant), I prefer not to use pre-defined worship series’ or materials for Lent (or anytime else during the liturgical Church year either).  I prefer to let the readings speak for themselves, guiding us the way the lectionary is intended to.  But I always worry about whether or not I’m providing useful, helpful material in the process.  Are the Scriptures (via my observations) giving people more to think about or simply filling time?  Are Lenten services truly a blessing, or simply a tradition?

What do Lenten midweek services mean to you?  Have any of them been particularly memorable?  If so, why and what made them so?


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