Thanks to long-time reader, Mike, for forwarding me this article after my last post on Trump.

It’s an interesting analysis, but what it really lacks in my opinion is the recognition that authoritarianism is not simply a right or conservative issue.  The inclination to rely on external power and authority to enforce what we want is not limited to conservatives or traditionalists.  The article might just has easily have mused on the popularity of the far-left Bernie Sanders as on the far-right Donald Trump.  In both cases, candidates are promising to give people what they want.  It’s just a different base of people with different wants.

The article strives for an unbiased presentation but betrays an inherently liberal outlook throughout, particularly in passages that marvel at opposition to the redefinition of marriage in our country, since it’s obviously a “minor” issue.  I look at liberal insistence on redefining marriage, mandating health-care coverage, forcing vaccinations whenever possible, and other such issues as the liberal equivalent of authoritarianism.  Force is appealed to in each of these situations through financial penalties.

It is a human trait to desire security, and when we are made fearful this desire can be misdirected.  History is replete with the broken promises of both well-intentioned authoritarians and ill-intentioned demagogues impelled to power based on the perception that they will protect people from threats internal and external.  It isn’t a conservative issue, and insisting on portraying it as such ultimately doesn’t help us move towards bi-partisan solutions to very real and pressing threats and problems.


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