Wet Bar Wednesday – Raspberry Kamikaze

I’ve decided to start thinning out my liquor collection somewhat.  Or at least, that was my theory at the beginning of the evening.  I have a lot of cordials and other things that just don’t get used very often, so why bother keeping them around?  With that in mind, I searched for drinks that use Chambord so I could get rid of it.

And then I found a recipe for a Raspberry Kamikaze.  Which may mean that I’m not very successful in eliminating things from my liquor collection.  A normal kamikaze uses vodka, triple sec, and lime juice (usually sweetened lime juice).  This option swaps Chambord for the lime juice.

  1. 1 part Chambord
  2. 1 part vodka
  3. 1 part triple sec
  4. 1 part sweet/sour mix

Since the Chambord and triple sec are already sweetened, I just squeezed half a lemon into the glass and stirred.  The result, poured over ice, was amazingly delicious.  So, I guess I’ll be hanging on to Chambord for the time being.  Enjoy!




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