Wet Bar Wednesday – The Greyhound

I bartended for a wedding on New Year’s Eve and one of the drinks on the menu was The Greyhound.  I remember learning about it in bartending class and thinking it sounded terrible.  I cautioned the couple that it might not be very popular.  But a ton of people drank it that night.  Since we were gifted with some Arizona grapefruit on our recent visit there, I decided to finally try The Greyhound last night.

The Greyhound

  • 1 part gin
  • 5 parts grapefruit juice

Mix the two together and pour over ice.  I prefer my grapefruit juice a little sweetened, so I added close to a tablespoon of sugar to mine and really found it enjoyable.  If you like plain grapefruit you won’t likely need to sweeten your drink.  And if you’re not a big gin fan (which I am not) you might find that this is one gin drink you actually enjoy.  If so, Enjoy!



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