Helpful Tech

Technology has been an important part of all of my adult life, both from a professional and user standpoint.  I remain staunchly suspicious of most technological efforts to be helfpul – ie. to parse and analyze what I do on a computer in order to pitch advertising to me.  It annoys the hell out of me.  But this week I did in fact experience perhaps my first genuinely useful instance of this technology.

I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a class on podcasting/storytelling.  It was offered by someone who used to work for some National Public Radio programs that I used to listen to from time to time and found compelling from a narrative standpoint.  Since a lot of what I do in the pulpit and here is tell or retell stories, I’ve been interested in pursuing some more professional training in public speaking, rhetoric, storytelling, etc.  But decent courses or programs of study seem elusive.  I clicked the link and viewed the offer and listened to about 15 minutes of one of the sessions before I decided not to purchase it.

Today I found another advertisement in my Facebook feed for another class on storytelling.  Similar idea and format, but different presenters and angles.  I may actually purchase this one.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have known about it if Facebook hadn’t suggested it to me.  I still distrust technology that tracks my clicks, but at least I finally have a situation where it might actually have been helpful.



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