I don’t agree with most of what I read from the Huffington Post, and this article is no exception (props to Lois for sending it to me!).  But more than I disagree with some of the specific points of view, I disagree with the overall tone of the article.  I particularly like how the author purports that you should read a lot and think (which I agree with) but then proceeds to trivialize any viewpoint but his own for the rest of the article.  To the point that people who disagree with him shouldn’t have children, will be socially shunned by the author, sound stupid, shouldn’t be dressing themselves, are incapable of doing math and have stupid jobs, should move away from any threatening or less-than-idyllic place in our country where self-defense might pose an actual concern, and are uninformed ranters.

I’m really glad he took the time to clarify that for me.  I should read a lot and think a lot but if I come to different conclusions from him I should be dismissed out of hand as a raving lunatic.  Brilliant.  Almost makes me want to stop reading and thinking, just on the off chance that I’ll come across as belittling as he does.


4 Responses to “Civility”

  1. Yang Ho Says:

    I read an op-ed from wall street journal, and it was horrible because, besides being off-topic, Noonen, the author, assumed too many disagreeable things.

    • mrpaulnelson Says:

      Hello, Yang Ho! No, this certainly isn’t an issue isolated to the HuffPost. And certainly the point of op-ed and persuasive writing is to lead people to side with your point of view. But regardless of who does it, I find it awful when people substitute good thinking with snarky insults as a means of persuasion. Certainly not a good argument!

  2. mandarq Says:

    Although this HuffPo author and I probably have the same political leanings, this article is just silly fluff and belongs in a blog or on BuzzFeed. It’s not intended to promote discourse; it’s just made for laughs among those who already agree with him. My fellow liberals claim that conservatives live in their own li’l echo chambers, but the same can be said about themselves!

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