In case your kids have smart phones, or you’re contemplating getting them smart phones, this article will likely terrify you (thanks to Ken for the link!).  Something to be aware of, something to talk about.  What is the source of our sense of self-worth?  How do we deal with pressure from others?  How do we deal with the pressures inside of us?  Important topics at any age, but certainly with minors.

Our kids don’t have smart phones yet, and won’t until they can pay for them and the service contracts.  Our daughter (11) is probably the most interested of the three in them, but  less for talking with her friends and more for the cool technology they provide.  She wants to be able to share videos of herself with her cousins – they trade back and forth silly videos where they lip synch to music or movie quotes.  I’m not comfortable with it, but I’m trying to be open-minded.  She’s not allowed to post anything to the Internet – things can only be shared with the private network of cousins.  And since it’s not on a phone or device she has exclusive control of, we can check up on what’s going back and forth.

It’s a scary step but hopefully a healthy one.  I want all of our kids to have a strong sense of who they are and why they have value and merit, so they can handle the increased poeer pressure that it’s hard to get away from with technology.

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