Back on Campus

I was back on campus this morning, enjoying the beautiful sun and ocean breezes and watching students heading back and forth from class.  Bethany was great in organizing another small group of churches from the area to give out information to interested students who passed by.  We had several students stop by to talk and pick up flyers for upcoming events – another lecturer this Friday, a BBQ next week, and in a few weeks, a Taize worship series around town.  Things are starting to take shape, and it’s exciting to think that perhaps we’ll have 2-3 students at the lecture on Friday.

I don’t know if it’s the most efficient way to meet people or not, but in an age where everything seems more distanced via technology, it seems a reasonable effort.  Talking with three or four students was pretty exciting, though it sounds like slow going (and probably is).  Hopefully word of mouth will begin to kick in over the coming weeks as some of these few people begin sharing with others.  That’s the plan at least.

In the meantime I’m working to try and get the web site for Campus Apologetics up.  Thanks to our partnership with 1517 The Legacy Project, we have quite a few friends and followers on Facebook, which doesn’t actually mean much, by and large, but it’s still encouraging to know that people are interested, even if they aren’t local.  Going is slow, but I pray that it’s worthwhile, and that within a year or so we’ll have something fairly viable going at City College!

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