Slightly Insane

Years ago as we were preparing to wed and thinking about our future life together, my wife and I often dreamed that one day we would have an international guest house of sorts.  Under the influence of L’Abri and the idea of Christian community as a formative venue for engaging people in meaningful dialogue in an age of inanity, we imagined a sprawling campus where people could come to live and dialogue and explore and work together.

Right now we have a Belgian girl and a Brazilian woman living with us.  Tonight the Brazilian woman, who is the chaperone/tour guide for a group of Brazilian teens, will bring those 11 teens to our home for a cookout and a rousing game of Bean Boozled with our own ecstatic children.  Saturday the Brazilian woman leaves and we move the Belgian girl into the Brazilian woman’s room to free up a room in anticipation of the arrival sometime Saturday of a couple from Sweden that my wife was acquainted with 20 years ago or so.  They’ll stay for a few days before leaving. The following weekend my buddy from Sem will travel back with me from a conference in Phoenix for a few days of R&R.   At the end of the month the Belgian girl’s parents will arrive to stay with us for an evening before departing with her for two weeks of travel before returning home together to Belgium.  A week later we will receive a girl from Japan and a girl from France.  Our two dogs are always thrilled to meet the new people.  Two Swiss girls are anticipated in the late spring and summer, and in the fall we already know that an older German lady who stayed with us for three months last year to attend English school in town will return to stay with us for another three months.  There will undoubtedly be other additions to this schedule as the months go by.

Most people who know us think that we’re insane, and we’re prone to agree with them.  We don’t know how or why, but it works for us.  It allows us the opportunity to bring people to church, to talk about God, to pray before our dinners together, and to establish relationships that may affect all of us in ways we can’t possibly fathom.  Some of this is ministry.  Some of it is personal interest and a passion for cross-cultural exchange.  Some of this is family being established across the planet.  God has helped some of those first dreams come true, though in the smaller confines of our home – at least for now!  And He gives us stamina to survive and grow together in the process.  Definitely not for everyone, but we’re happy that it works for us.


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