Ghosts in My Machines

I was at the office supply store making copies this morning and picking up a new computer mouse when I realized that this was the first year I wasn’t buying a personal calendar/organizer.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not an organized person.  But since entering the ministry I’ve used a calendar to help me keep track of meetings and obligations so I don’t look like a complete flake.

But not this year.  Because I have entered the 20th century and I have a smart phone now.  I’ve been using Google calendar on my computer for years to keep track of annual events, but now I can keep my schedule on my iPhone and have a detailed schedule available at a moment.  It’s really convenient, and one less book of paper to keep track of.

The problem is that I have ghosts in my machine.  Those helpful reminders that I’ve set over the years to try and help me remember people’s birthdays and anniversaries and other important events are ever so helpful and reliable.  On my computer, and now on my phone.

Even when the person has passed away.

So on a regular basis I am reminded of someone’s birthday who no longer needs to keep track of them, or the anniversary of a couple of whom one or both are now deceased.  I know that I could go in and delete the event, or at least turn off the reminders.  But I kind of like these ghosts, these reminders of the people I’ve been blessed to know and care for over the years, friends old and new.

These are ghosts that aren’t bad to have around.


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