Who Is Worshiped?

I became aware of Lindsey Stirling this week when I read about her lucrative YouTube success story.  I sampled one of her popular videos and certainly she has talent as well as some very gifted partners in video production.  So when someone on Facebook shared her playing “What Child Is This?” (one of my favorite Christmas hymns) I began watching it.

Immediately, I found myself distracted.  Her expressions in the video are appropriate to someone in the act of worship.  It’s clear that she is worshiping, but I wondered who she was worshiping.  If she is Christian, than her enthusiasm and joy are appropriate as worshipful responses to the baby in the song, the Son of God incarnate.  But if she’s not a Christian, then she’s basically glorying in her own performance, worshiping herself.

Thanks to the Wikipedia link above, I was able to confirm that she is a Mormon.  And while I don’t think that Mormon theology is Christian, it helps me to know that she very likely is worshiping the baby in the song rather than her own talents.  That makes all the difference to me as I watch/listen to her.



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