Curious Success

Figuring out how to make a living in this world can be a major anxiety for a young person.  While trite maxims about following your bliss and pursuing your passion all sound good (or look good on a bumper or a high quality jpg), they aren’t necessarily true.  Many people would argue that sometimes you don’t end up doing what you love for a living.  Sometimes you do what is necessary.

But sometimes, you can make a living doing what you love.  Here are a few examples.

These are curious successes, in my opinion.  Their success has been online, standing out in a glut of content and aspiring wannabes and knock-offs.  That’s impressive on its own.  Many of them are self-taught, meaning that not only are they enjoying significant financial success, they probably don’t have the burden of college loans on their backs to do so.

I have to admit I’m hesitant (to say the least) to encourage my kids to consider this sort of vocation.  It’s volatile, to say the least.  It’s dependent on the largesse of others, but then many professions (my own included) fall into this category.  But in talking about the future and livelihood and determining what you’re good at and what you enjoy as well, maybe I should be more willing to acknowledge that some people are very successful in a niche industry that, because of my age, I still consider very quirky.

Would you consider encouraging your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc towards a possible online vocation?  Why or why not?


One Response to “Curious Success”

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