Spiritual Responsibility

I found this article  interesting.  The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader for many Buddhists, said recently that humans are responsible for terrorism and therefore praying to God for help is rather pointless, since this is a human problem.

Which leads me to wonder what issues does the Dalai Lama consider prayer an efficacious response to?  In other words, is he suggesting that only those issues that aren’t human in origin should be brought to God in prayer? And if that is the case, what would those issues be?  Seems to me that ALL of our issues are human caused.

I’m also stunned that he can honestly assert that religious differences are “superficial”.  I would think that if they were so simple, people would be far closer to enlightenment and other Buddhist teachings.  The very fact that he can consider terrorism “short-sighted” rather than see the very spiritual reasons behind it is evidence that the differences are far greater than he is even aware of, or else he’s choosing to deliberately understate them.


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