About Time

It’s about time.  A large group of Indian Muslim leaders has issued a formal condemnation of ISIS.  What boggles my mind is that this fatwa is over 1000 pages in length.  Fatwas are not legally binding, but followers of the particular issuers of a fatwa will generally consider it binding on themselves.  What is impressive in this instance is that so many leaders have agreed on this fatwa together.

This article causes some confusion, making it sound like the fatwa was actually drafted or initiated by the United Nations.  However, neither the United Nations website or the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations website has any mention of it.  I can’t find anything on the mufti who allegedly authored the report, and I certainly can’t find any reference to the fatwa outside of Indian news sources – none of which provide any sort of link or further documentation.

Which now makes me wonder just how authentic this fatwa is, and what use it is if nobody knows about it?  Hmmmm….



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