Miscellaneous Health Tidbits.

A few random articles from a foreign source about Americans and health.

First, this report that the Center for Disease Control now estimates that autism now affects 1 in every 45 children.  For those of you keeping track at home, that’s almost double their estimates from four years ago.  While there is controversy about how much reporting and definitional issues drive the massive change, clearly the idea is that there are a lot of kids out there dealing with some very serious issues.

So, maybe you shouldn’t have kids, right?  In which case, today was your day.  This was Global Vasectomy Day.  In fact, it was the third Global Vasectomy Day, since the party started in 2013.  How did you celebrate?

But if you do have kids, at least giving birth is pretty safe, right?  Well, depends on where you live.  While giving birth in the USA is extremely safe, it has gotten less safe in the last 25 years.  In 1990 there were 12 deaths per 100,000 births in the USA.  In 2015, there are now 14.  A small change, to be sure, but the question is why the change?  And why is it that Canada’s mortality rate remained constant at half the US level – just 7 per 100,000?

And finally, in only-vaguely related news, a national sorority has come out against Safe Campus legislation introduced in national legislature over the summer, despite a coalition of sororities and fraternities lobbying for the measure.  The legislation would require police reports to be filed and criminal investigations to be conducted before a university could initiate punitive measures against a student accused of rape or sexual assault.  The question becomes one of whether or not a victim of sexual assault should be required to file a police report against their attacker.  Some think this is a good and necessary idea to protect those who might be falsely accused of sexual assault.  Others think it will limit the options that students have for dealing with such incidents, and that it will tie school administrator’s hands until criminal investigation is complete.

Makes you look forward to sending your son or daughter off for higher education, doesn’t it?


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