Prophetic Apologetics

I have to admit that in my apologetics work, I don’t often reference Biblical prophecy as a compelling argument.  Part of this is because most of the people I work with don’t have a strong Biblical background, or are not willing and able to view the Bible as an authoritative document.  In such situations, referencing the Bible as proof for the Bible or for Jesus has marginal value, in my experience.

There are situations where it would be very helpful though.  The one that comes to mind most easily would be in witnessing to a Jewish person (one who is a religious Jew with a high view of their Scriptures – our Old Testament.  Remember that Judaism has a spectrum as with any religion!).  Being able to reference the prophecies in the Old Testament, which they acknowledge to be God’s Word, would seem a very compelling argument to lead them to reconsider Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God.

Here is a good summary to an apologetics argument developed by Peter Stoner.  In it, he runs through the mathematical probability of any one person fulfilling just a fraction of the Biblical prophecies about the Messiah.  Not everyone is convinced by his argument or his methodology, but I found it interesting all the same and figured I would pass it on for your consideration.


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