Your Tax Dollars, Still at Work

A small peek into the world of Federally-mandated healthcare.  I wouldn’t think that too many people would be surprised by the author’s experiences.  At least I hope there aren’t too many.

But this article begs the larger question of who is in charge of their healthcare – doctors and the healthcare system, or themselves?  And what is the goal of healthcare particularly in the case of pregnancy?  A pregnancy is not an illness or disease or any other sort of medical condition.  It’s simply a condition, one which we are designed to move through more or less, and in most situations, without a lot of tinkering from the outside.  When situations warrant or necessitate medical assistance in pregnancy it’s a Godsend to have it available, but for healthy, normal pregnancies such medical assistance is by and large superfluous at best, wasteful at worst.

Sounds an awful lot like some other Federal activities, come to think of it.

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