Study in Crisis

There are many aspects to the plight of refugees.  We are familiar with the common ones – where they can go and how they get there; the complexity of creating new lives in unfamiliar places; the longing for home; the slow path towards assimilation in a new culture while trying to maintain their cultural identity.  We tend to think of their needs in terms of housing and food, medical treatment, relocation services.  But another important issue is education.

Refugees have their lives disrupted, but those lives include not just family and work, but also schooling.  Continuing collegiate studies or starting them can be particularly difficult for refugees who likely don’t have the necessary paperwork (transcripts, etc.) to allow them to continue their academic work elsewhere.

This is an exciting initiative that could help refugees continue their education even during a very unsettled time of their lives.  It holds out the promise that while their present and past may be lost to the ravages of war or whatever displaced them, their futures needn’t be.


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