Beating the Onion

I honestly thought this was a spoof article.  Something like what The Onion would put out.  Or a reprise of a great movie quote – “Spontaneity has its time and place.” (careful with the YouTube link – some questionable content around the quote!)

I’m so glad that Hilary is planning to be more spontaneous.  I’m sure that will compensate for her calculated, brazen flouting of the law while Secretary of State, and her equally brazen to pass it all off as some little goof on her part.  And while I’m at it, I’ll reiterate that the only reason Hilary hasn’t already been charged with breaking the law for routing her official mail to a personal e-mail server rather than through the appropriate servers (thus allowing her to avoid scrutiny – or to at least control what is scrutinized), is that lots and lots of other public ‘servants’ are doing the same thing.  The controls that we as citizens are supposed to have in place to check the work of our elected officials are being circumvented.  I’m betting a lot.  This should concern every single American citizen.  Your elected officials can’t be called to account for their actions unless their actions and communications are available and disclosed.  This is the law of the land.  A Big Fish has been hooked on this issue, and there are a lot of smaller fish who are nervous to see what happens to her, and none-too-eager to push for prosecution because they might one day face the same thing.

But hey, why so serious?  After all, why bother with the facts when you can just be spontaneous?


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