Updates on a First

I wrote a few weeks ago about a guy who stopped me as I was getting my pre-worship bagel & tea, asking about worship because I was wearing my clerical collar.  He didn’t show up that Sunday.  But he did come by the following Sunday.  He arrived after the service and once again talked about his son had been baptized in our church nearly 30 years ago.  I offered to make a new baptismal certificate for his son, as that seemed to be what was on his mind.  We joked around a bit, as he was clearly uneasy.  We agreed I’d have the certificate for him the following Sunday.

The next Sunday he was back and attended worship.  After the service I got the baptismal certificate for his son as promised.  He indicated that he wanted his son to come to worship with him, but that he wouldn’t agree if he already had the baptismal certificate.  He concluded he’d have to fib a bit to get his son to come.  I offered to hold on to the certificate for another week so he didn’t have to lie.  He seemed genuinely pleased with the offer.

He hasn’t been back yet, but I pray he will.  The Spirit works in ways we can’t easily discern, and clearly a lot of big hurdles were already cleared.  Time will tell.  I need to get better at asking people for *their* contact info instead of just giving them mine!


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