Truth in Strange Places

I don’t Tweet.  I’m not a Twitter user or follower.  So it is that I never knew that Chuck Woolery is a pretty vocal conservative – at least these days.  In some ways it is shocking, but in many other ways it is encouraging that a guy known best as the host of a game show called Love Connection is interested in politics.

It took me a while to confirm the authenticity of a Tweet attributed to him by an acquaintance on Facebook, but it turns out to be legitimate.  Woolery tweeted at the end of July – It’s true.  If Planned Parenthood was selling dead PUPPY body parts, they would have been closed down yesterday.

Truly a useful observation.  Our culture is outraged at mistreatment of animals in any form.  We generate massive anger and outrage over someone who kills a lion in a foreign country where killing lions is legal, but we are told to remain silent as millions of unborn children are killed.  We have been numbed and harangued culturally into allowing any outrage so long as the idol of abortion is maintained, yet we explode with outrage about how animals are treated.

Woolery isn’t the only celebrity in the Twitterverse to weigh in on the current Planned Parenthood scandal.  An arguably more popular and culturally relevant celebrity, Sarah Silverman, wrote Abortion is still legal in the great U.S. of A.  It would be insane not to use fetal tissue 4 science & education in such cases.  Silverman was promptly rebutted by political commentator Ben Shapiro, who wrote Killing Jews was legal in Nazi Germany.  It would have been insane not to use their skin for lamps.  Silverman, who is culturally Jewish but considers herself agnostic, could only offer in defense: We have a dif of opinion doll u don’t have to be c****** about it (censorship mine).

But Shapiro hits the issue on the head.  Silverman wants to claim that the law of the land is what dictates right and wrong.  This was the same defense used by lawyers of Nazi’s on trial at Nuremberg after World War II.  The argument was essentially that the defendants were following the prescribed laws of Germany.  They were being consistent in their actions based on what the law of their land was, and to put them on trial by another standard (the standards of the victors) was simply a matter of might making right.

It’s a compelling argument, if you don’t have a higher standard of law to appeal to.  Silverman continues this line of reasoning.  Her ideas of right and wrong differ from Shapiro’s (and lots of other people’s as well).  We’re at an impasse, right?  There’s no way to make headway other than by appeal to the majority.  To appeal to the law of the land as currently instantiated.  Except I’m pretty sure that Silverman and most everyone else would admit that the Nazi’s were wrong.  Their laws were wrong.  Therefore their actions were wrong.  And those tried for propagating the laws and perpetrating the deeds had to be punished.  Deserved to be punished.  Because laws can be wrong, and yet at a fundamental level, people should know better.  The Nazis themselves should have known better, and probably did.

People should know that it isn’t acceptable to murder thousands of other people just because the law says its OK if you’re a particular ethnicity.  Ethnicity is not a crime, most people would agree.  Slavery was legal in the US for years and yet few people today who run to the rule of law to defend abortion and the atrocities of Planned Parenthood would argue that the laws allowing and propagating slavery were right.  They would quickly point out that they were evil, wrong, poorly considered at least.

This is the argument that anti-abortionists make today.  And have been making since Roe v. Wade came into power.  And hopefully have been making as long as people have justified killing off the babies of other people for whatever reason.  Some things are always wrong, and when a law contradicts one of these underlying truths, it is the law that must be repealed.  And it will be.  It’s only a matter of time, and who does it, and how they do it that is in question.  It’s more than a difference of opinion, Ms. Silverman, particularly to the unborn children who are being murdered and then sold off in bits and pieces.  And the Planned Parenthood official who can exclaim on film Look, it’s a boy! knows this.  Her words betray her ideology with a more fundamental understanding that these are indeed human beings, boys and girls, that our gods of convenience and sexual liberty have sacrificed.

2 Responses to “Truth in Strange Places”

  1. Lois Says:

    As one of my Christian friends likes to point out, it is easier in California to procure an abortion than to cut down an oak tree on your own property.

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