Your Tax Dollars at Work…Again

Hopefully you can sleep easier at night, knowing that Big Brother is faithfully watching out for you at every juncture in the road, including ensuring that you aren’t mistakenly sold natural milk instead of artificially enhanced milk.

It’s a sad day when our government insists that something completely natural is so unusual that it should be considered artificial.  On second thought, maybe this won’t help you sleep easier.  I suspect it shouldn’t.

4 Responses to “Your Tax Dollars at Work…Again”

  1. enlighten01 Says:

    Well of course.
    Does it not make sense that there are some who don’t think any if us are capable of making well informed decisions in life for ourselves like whether wr should be allowed to consume, sell or trade raw milk. Yet we are somehow capable of making a well informed decision called voting to select other people to make all these decisions for us.

  2. Lois Says:

    We have a peculiar fire wall here at work, so I cannot read the original story. But frankly I would not want to be sold raw milk when I believed I was buying pasteurized milk. I honestly do believe that pasteurization is one of the reasons that people live longer now than they did in the 1800’s. People should be able to make up their own minds on this, but if the raw milk is not labeled as such, I cannot make the choice, can I?

    • mrpaulnelson Says:

      I don’t want to confuse consumers, telling them they are buying one thing when they are actually buying something else. But the irony is that our government is insisting on redefining basic terms, and language matters. The reality is that our milk is not nearly as ‘natural’ as we suppose. We might argue that there are good reasons for this – that pasteurization is helpful. That isn’t the real issue. The issue is how we define ‘natural’. If the government wants to be honest in helping consumers, it should be willing to say that pasteurized milk is not ‘natural’, but of course there is a powerful group of folks out there (conventional dairy farmers) who will likely not accept that lightly.

      We buy orange juice from Trader Joe’s that is not pasteurized. It says so right on the label so we know what we’re getting. Are there consumers who don’t pay attention to the labels and might buy it by mistake? Certainly. But then the burden of responsibility is on them, not on the producer (or the seller). Forcing someone to label a ‘natural’ product as ‘artificial’ simply because ‘artificial’ has become normalized seems problematic on a lot of levels!

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