Apologetic Resource

Thanks to Becky, who made me aware of this apologetic resource online – Cold Case Christianity.

This web site is a great resource for short articles on a variety of apologetic topics.  For instance, if you’re in discussion (or anticipate being in discussion) with someone who thinks that life evolved from non-life, you might want to review this article, which briefly details the problems with that theory.  It isn’t enough to argue with your college biology professor for very long, but it details the basic problems that this theory has, so that it can be demonstrated that it is reasonable to doubt that life did, or even could have, evolved out of non-organic compounds.

Another good online resource is Stand to Reason.   You can access a list of broad topics and then review specific apologetic articles within a particular topic.  The articles are brief, providing often a single major point – which is perfect.  So if you’re interacting with someone who thinks that the fossil record is evidence of macroevolution, you could read this short article that briefly summarizes one key problem with such an assertion.

When dealing with apologetics, do your homework.  If you’re seriously grappling with an apologetic issue – an what appears to be an intellectual disproval of the Bible or evidence of an alternate, contradictory theory- either personally or in dialogue with another person, do your homework.  Reading these short articles is very helpful.  But each one alone isn’t enough.

I encourage people to read articles and authors who argue against Christianity and the Biblical record.  This frightens some people, as though if they read opposing viewpoints their faith is going to be destroyed.  What I’ve found in reading the works of those opposed to Christianity is that the opposite happens.  I come away with a stronger faith.  Assuming that opponents have a stronger argument that has no reasonable rebuttal has proven wrong time and time again.  Instead, what I find is that opponents of Christianity and the Bible have just as many leaps of faith as we do.  We interpret data differently, but in either case, there is no silver bullet that proves inarguably the veracity of an atheist or Biblical world view.  In either case we are forced to live by faith.

So do your homework – for your own benefit as well as the benefit of those you engage in conversation with.  You’ll be grateful you did!

What are some other apologetic resources you’ve found helpful?


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