Boy Scouts and Stuff

As was news to me, the Boy Scouts of America recently revised their guidelines regarding whether or not adult leaders in the organization could be homosexuals.  If this is something that you or your congregation are involved with in one way or another here is an official statement from my polity on the issue.

I attempted to access an official statement on the issue on the Boy Scout web site, but while there was a banner link to the story, clicking on the banner/link did not bring up the statement.

Thoughts?  Seems like the whole line of being part of our larger community as Christian congregations keeps getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

2 Responses to “Boy Scouts and Stuff”

  1. ELC Trustee Says:

    We as Christians must stand firm, In JESUS and his Holy Word.
    We live in faith and walk in HIS GRACE, and forgiven in JESUS death and resurrection.

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