Meanwhile, in Oregon…

Oregon seems to be a pretty hip and moving place today.  I think Portland is a beautiful city that I wouldn’t mind living in someday if things work out right.  I have an acquaintance who lives in Bend and others who are considering moving there.  The Oregon coast can be downright breathtaking.

On the flip side, if you move there with children, be aware that state law permits your son or daughter to begin sex-change therapy, get a sex-change operation, or be prescribed a variety of drugs and hormones aimed at suppressing or delaying the onset and effects of puberty.

At age 15.

Under the guise of suicide prevention, the State Health Evidence Review Committee (HERC) decided to extend taxpayer-funded Medicare/Medicaid coverage to these sorts of procedures  with the logic that 15 years of age is the age of medical consent in Oregon.  Sex change procedures were not automatically covered because of the medical age of consent, however.  They were specially approved by the HERC because somebody, somewhere estimated that it might prevent one suicide per year.

It’s depressing that issues such as this even need to be pointed out and brought up.  It’s depressing that yet another example of parental rights is being trampled.  A parent might be sued for something their 15-year old child does, but they don’t have to be informed if their child decides to change their sex, including undergoing surgery to modify or remove parts of their body.  It makes me sick.

I don’t know when this bizarre pendulum swing is going to come to an end.  I don’t know if we’re going to collectively come to our senses or if it will take the complete collapse of our culture and society to bring that about.  I pray for the former, but history tends to favor the latter.


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