Wet Bar Wednesday – Campari-O

Gathered with friends last week in Ulm, Germany, we sought for a simple after-dinner drink.  Our hostess brought out Campari and orange juice.  Campari is a liquor oftentimes served as a before-dinner drink (aperitif).  It has a rather bitter taste, and so is often combined with citrus juices like orange juice.  It is a deep red color, an effect obtained for the first 140 years or so of production by drying and boiling certain insects and then creating an extract through the addition of other ingredients.  Don’t worry – they quit doing it that way about 10 years ago :-)

Campari-O, as our hosts referred to it, is fairly common, sometimes referred to as Campari Orange.  I suggest 1 part Campari to three or four parts orange juice, based on your tastes.  Stir well and serve over ice so it’s nice and cold.  The garnish is optional, but in the photo below is fresh elderberry.   Enjoy!



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