A Word of Hope

An acquaintance on Facebook posted that a beloved pet passed away recently.  She lovingly uploaded a series of photos of her dog over the years, including the obligatory cute puppy photo.  Having loved and lost several pets over the years, I know that pain.

I started to write how good it was that she had so many fond memories.  But then I realized that this is what everyone says.  Anybody, whether they believe in God or Allah or nirvana or nothingness – they would all agree that we have beautiful memories that help sustain us in our moments of grief and loss.  And I didn’t want to post something that would have the assent of every single person no matter what their belief was.  Surely, as a Christian, I have something more and better to offer, don’t I?

Of course I do – so does every Christian!

We have hope.  Hope that this life is not the end.  And hope sounds nice and anybody can say hopeful things, but we have hope predicated on a historical reality – the resurrection of a man who also claimed to be the Son of God.  My hope is not just wishful thinking or idle speculation or what makes me feel good, it’s an assurance based on that empty tomb.  And the assurance is that my tomb will one day be empty, too.  And while not all Christians would agree with me in this, I would assert that this means animal tombs will one day be empty as well.

I look forward to seeing my dogs some day.  We talk about this with our kids as well.  We love our dogs dearly but they won’t live forever.  We love each other dearly but we won’t live forever.  And our hope is not simply to accumulate enough memories and pictures and videos of one another to console ourselves at our time of loss, but our hope is that we’ll have new memories to create and enjoy when our Lord returns.

There are those that feel animals don’t have souls and therefore won’t share in the resurrection.  I think this is a very limited view of creation, and I can’t find much Scriptural evidence one way or the other.  But I tend to believe that if God went to all the trouble to populate creation with such myriad and wonderful critters, He intends for them to enjoy the afterlife as much as us.  That’s good news – feel free to share it!

2 Responses to “A Word of Hope”

  1. Dianne Says:

    You write “all critters” so I believe you are including cats.

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