Wet Bar Wednesday – Bad Daddy/Kids Drinks

Perhaps I’m being a bad father, but my kids have grown to be just as excited about happy hour as I am.  Not because I make them cocktails, but because it’s another element of ritual and routine to the day.  Something they can anticipate, and something they know makes me happy.  Our youngest has gotten into the routine of wanting to help as I make drinks, and though he’s only recently nine, he’s getting the idea that this can be a fun and creative activity and wants to make some for himself.

Routinely we have sparkling cider (non-alcoholic) on hand for the kids to enjoy a drink while we have more grown-up drinks.  But my son has been wanting to create his own.  Fortunately, this is really easy to do.  All you need is fresh fruit on hand and some club soda.  Have your kids decide what fruits they would like to juice or blend up, and then after the juicing or blending, add club soda to add some sparkle to the drink.  My son has so far experimented with a kiwi/orange mixture that was pretty tasty, and a watermelon/kiwi mixture that was tasty, but very pulpy from the watermelon (which my daughter didn’t care for).

This is a fun way to do things with them and make sure that they are part of the afternoon/evening festivities. Enjoy!

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