What Jesus Did

A few years ago there was the big “WWJD” craze – What Would Jesus Do?  Wristbands and bumper stickers galore.  The idea being that we govern our lives and our decision making based on how we might imagine Jesus responding in a particular situation.  I was never really thrilled with this blip on the Christian-Culture radar.  I dislike that it is yet another trend that focuses all my attention on what I’m doing, and even brings Jesus into the picture specifically so that I can focus more on me.

Most days I don’t like me.  Focusing on me is not the safest path to a Christian life, let alone a bumper sticker.  I shudder to think how often people look at me or listen to me and come to the conclusion that whatever Jesus might hypothetically do or say, it certainly isn’t what that schmuck just did or said.  If we want to consider what Jesus did and how it affects our life (and we definitely should!), then this is a fantastic little essay to summarize it.

I work each week with people who are in recovery from addictions.  These are people who are struggling to make sense of their lives and themselves without the substances that have helped them cope or numbed them to the need for self-examination for years.  They find themselves clean for the first time in a while, for the longest time in a while, and they also find themselves being confronted with the Christian faith and Jesus and the Bible.  How do they make sense of it all?  Are they Christian?  Is the fact that they’re still sober evidence that Jesus is real and that they’re Christian?  Why doesn’t their Christian experience look or sound like the Christian experience of their friend?

Lots of confusing questions.  How do you know you’re a Christian?  Do you place your hope and confidence in what Jesus has already done?  Then you’re a Christian.  Maybe you’re a baby Christian and your comfort with that hope and confidence is pretty shakey.  Don’t sweat it.  Maybe you’ve been a Christian a really long time – the essence of your faith, the definition of your Christian life hasn’t changed.  It is bound up solely in what Jesus has done already for you.

Important words to remember on bad days.  And good days, come to think of it.


2 Responses to “What Jesus Did”

  1. JP Says:

    I saw this Chad Bird article, too, and thought it was excellent. Simple yet earth-shatteringly important.

    Blessings to you, friend.

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