Wet Bar Wednesday – Rob Roy

Again, looking to clear up some older bottles of lesser used liquor, I opted for a drink that involves Scotch.  Scotch is currently enjoying a Renaissance of sorts, and lots of very smart and well-heeled folks I know are ga-ga over this drink.  Which is probably why I haven’t been too interested in it.  With a bottle of lower-end Scotch on hand that I inherited some time ago I decided to try the classic Rob Roy cocktail.

This drink was created in 1894 to coincide with the release of an operetta, Rob Roy.  The drink as described below is sometimes (but superfluously) called a sweet Rob Roy.  Since this is the default mode of the drink, you shouldn’t need to specify.  If you prefer it a bit less sweet, you can ask for a “dry” Rob Roy, made with dry vermouth.  Alternately you could request a “perfect” Rob Roy, which utilizes an equal blend of sweet and dry vermouth.

Rob Roy

  • 1 part scotch
  • 1/2 part sweet vermouth
  • 1 dash of Bitters
  • cherry

Mix the liquids and pour over ice and add the cherry for garnish.  This drink is mostly smoky flavored due to the Scotch, with a sweet edge from the vermouth.  It seems like a good way to utilize Scotch that you probably wouldn’t sip neat.  Enjoy!


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