Another Day

I never know who is going to show up for Friday morning Bible study at the county jail.  It’s been almost four years now that I’ve been doing this, and every week is something new and different.

The past two weeks a young man has been there.  He’s a biology major at UCLA working through some issues.  This morning the rest of the group was pretty quiet, so he had a lot of questions he wanted perspective on.  He’s new to the faith, coming from a family that isn’t Christian, and I suspect his own faith is tenuous at best, prompted primarily by a Brazilian girl he’s been dating for three months who is a very strong Christian.  Between her and the time on his hands in jail, he’s reading the Bible somewhat and exploring the faith.

He wanted to know my perspective on homosexual marriage, and as I’m more and more inclined to do, I preface my response by clarifying that it really doesn’t matter what my perspective on the issue is.  What matters is what God has to say about it.  That started a wide ranging dialogue between the two of us while the others were mostly quiet and listened.  We covered homosexuality and contraception and sexuality in general before moving into evolution vs. the Biblical creation account.

The other guys may have been bored stiff, but it was a good exchange.  You never know what you’re going to find when you go to jail once a week.


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