Wet Bar Wednesday – Pina Colada Redux

It has been almost exactly a year since I first wrote about my experiments with pina coladas.  Last night I accidentally stumbled across a very tasty alternative to traditional approaches to this drink.  We had some lychees on hand (from a can, tragically, but still better than nothing), and some fresh pineapple I had just cut up.  I blended up these two ingredients in roughly equal proportions.  The result was a somewhat creamy/frothy fruit mix that was sweet but with a nice tang to it from the pineapple.  I then added Malibu Rum, which is coconut flavored.  The result was extremely tasty.  A bit on the sweet side, but that’s kind of the point of pina coladas and could be mitigated by more pineapple than lychee.  Proportions were probably 2 parts fruit blend to 1 part Malibu.  Adjust to your preference and tolerance level.

You can find canned lychees in oriental or Asian markets.  If you have a large enough such market that stocks fresh fruit, you can sometimes find fresh lychees, which are even tastier.



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