Book Review – Evidence for Faith

Evidence for Faith: Deciding the God Question

Edited by John Warwick Montgomery, Probe Ministries International, 1991

Another book on the reading list for this.  And this is gonna be here in less than two months – woohoo!  I’m getting very excited for this wonderful opportunity!

This book is by far the most helpful in terms of tangible apologetic ammunition.  Most of the reading up to this point has been in the more esoteric arena of philosophy – why is it that from a purely intellectual standing, it isn’t ridiculous to believe in a God?  While that is helpful and necessary in certain arenas, in terms of every-day apologetics work, most conversations are going to center around evidence, and the assertion that the Biblical witness is either corrupted, unreliable, or inaccurate.  Or the conversations will center around what science claims to know and to have proven or disproven.

This book covers both arenas – Biblical reliability and accuracy as well as scientific considerations.  As such it is very helpful, although at times far more technical than my non-scientific brain could deal with for very long.

This book is a collection of essays that work to lay out the intellectual argument that not only is it not unreasonable to be a theist of some sort or another, it is actually far more intellectually defensible to be a Christian than any other type of theist.  This is based on the reality that the Biblical witness to Christianity is actually anchored in human experience, and therefore can be tested to a certain degree historically, archaeologically, etc.  No other religion is so explicit, so vulnerable as to place itself firmly in human experience, opening itself up to investigation.

Major sections include: God and Scientific Cosmology; Revelatory Biology; Biblical Criticism and Bible Prophecy; and God’s Existence and Christ’s Claims.  The section on Biblical Criticism and Bible Prophecy is particularly helpful with some great bibliographical summaries of historical evidences and witnesses to the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

Some of the scientific essays got very deep and specific.  They were also fascinating even though I couldn’t track all of the material.  I strongly recommend this as a good, broad-based apologetics book.  It will leave you with a stronger intellectual understanding of the arguments for not just theism, but Christianity.


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