One-Sided Tolerance

It’s fascinating to watch in my lifetime the massive shift in culture in America.  It was fascinating to watch the dawning of the political correctness movement, which evolved into the crusade for tolerance, which picked up on the theme of anti-bullying.  While most people with a brain recognized that these things were being abused and misused, we also couldn’t argue with the fact that there was a nugget of truth in them.  Respect for other people is a worthwhile – dare I say Biblical –  thing.

So it’s equally fascinating to watch all of these things being discarded now, trojan horses safely inside the walled city.  There is no further use for them, no need to pretend any longer that these ruses were anything but that – ruses.  Ruses that lulled the sensibilities of otherwise sensible people, or more accurately beat those sensibilities into submission.  Ruses that made people afraid to stand up for what they believed in.  Ruses that, in particular, somehow convinced Christians and congregations that sharing their faith and articulating clearly and consistently their Biblical bases was unloving and unbecoming followers of Christ.

The Church may be the one place left in America where these ruses still hold force, where people are still bound and gagged by the idea that anyone might ever consider them unloving.  The rest of our culture has discarded those notion in favor of aggressive, violent pressing for their particular views of the world and humanity.  Tolerance is for fools.  Well of course it is.  Tolerance has always been a paltry facade, a terrible substitute for actual love for our neighbor.

Witness the presidential prophecies of Hilary Clinton.  Does it worry anyone else when someone who aspires to the highest office in our country actively insists that religious beliefs must “be changed”?  When not just the rule of law but the philosophy behind it is touted as normative to the exclusion of any disagreement?  How can someone of any religion in good conscience support a candidate who blatantly flaunts her insistence that religious liberty must be curtailed, that religious beliefs that disagree with a particular ideological agenda cannot be tolerated?

It’s time to realize that we’ve been had.  For decades, granted, but we’ve been had.  Witness the tolerance being demonstrated by Clinton – and plenty of others, to be sure.  Witness their willingness to disrespect and trample on the beliefs of others because they don’t agree with their own points of view.  It’s time to wake up, because that burning smell isn’t just the coffee burning, folks.  And while it may well be too late to save the city, we ought to at least be witness to the destruction.

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