An Open Ear

This is a great and insightful article.

While many ‘experts’ seek to guide congregations into services and messages that aren’t too challenging, that are broadly appealing but devoid of meaningful content, we would do well to listen to those we  claim to want to reach.  A congregation or pastor does nobody any good by dumbing down the message, but smoothing over the challenges of the faith or shrinking from both proclaiming the Gospel and acknowledging that there are many, many things we cannot know.

It doesn’t matter how friendly we are or how musically invigorating we might be, or even how involved we are in community activities and social justice.  If we don’t preach the Gospel in love, and if we don’t link Jesus Christ compellingly with the world today as we experience it, young people will continue to walk away.  Frankly, if we don’t do these things, old people should be walking away as well.


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