Very Interesting

I have to admit that my knowledge about the Shroud of Turin is pretty limited.  I remember the findings of years back that indicated it was a medieval cloth – dating to around the 14th century, and therefore not possibly the actual burial cloth of Jesus.  The controversy over the piece of material that was tested though is fascinating.  The assertion is that the dating analysis of the cloth utilized a piece of patched cloth, not part of the obviously original shroud.  As such, it wasn’t surprising to many people who believe the shroud is the burial cloth of Jesus that the results came back dated so late.

My question is that if this is the controversy, then it ought to be a relatively simple matter to take another sample of the cloth from an area (or preferably multiple areas) that everyone agrees are part of the original cloth and run the tests again.

This article was a helpful reintroduction to this interesting piece of Christian history.  The other web site it refers you to is a bit of a train wreck, stylistically.  If you have a lot of time on your hands it might be interesting to wade through and look for helpful material.  But you’re going to have to be patient!


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