Debating Dilbert II

Well, Scott Adams has responded to my response to his request for a debating partner.  He has another guy lined up and ready to go, but he’s invited me to answer a preliminary question to get the ball rolling in case this other guy isn’t willing or able to follow through.  If you want to follow along, you can do so here for now.

One Response to “Debating Dilbert II”

  1. ndnd9 Says:

    Hello Living Apologetics: I have heard that Scott Adams is liberal. So the issue in Indiana may come up at some point. Unless you are both of the same mind, which would hardly make for an interesting debate, you might find my recent comments about this issue of use. If someone aids a bank robber they can be put in jail as an accomplice. The government should not be in the business of trying to force people to aid those they believe are doing something immoral. LGBTs like to compare themselves with black Americans. But there is nothing immoral about skin color. And who should ever care what someone’s skin color is anyway. (Remember God protected Moses’ second wife, an Ethiopian, from his sister Miriam’s criticism by making Miriam a leper when she criticized the woman’s skin color. But God gives laws against homosexuality.) Genome studies have shown that “science is inadequate at determining sexual orientation.” This means that there is no genetic basis for homosexuality. There is a greater incidence of sexual identity confusion in developed countries today because of the practice of some parents reassigning their baby’s sex at birth. Because of the excess hormone estrogen that lodges in a woman’s body when she uses birth control chemicals, she may give birth to a male child with deformed genitalia. Rather than leave him male, the parents may opt for surgery to make him appear female. However, they cannot change the baby’s chromosomes. Gender is determined by chromosomes, and males think and feel differently than females. So, when the child grows up it has gender confusion — thinking and feeling male but being in a female body. In coming years it will be possible for these children to reverse back to their chromosomal gender. Studies have been done and the government knows birth control chemicals cause this effect, but they consider it a form of population control and let it go on without warning women of the side effects. In any event, if men took more responsibility for birth control instead of putting the whole burden on women, it would be easier for couples to avoid this event. From a reincarnation point of view, those being born in this condition at this time may be those who in centuries past had their sons castrated so the sons would be hired by the rich and send money back to their parents. This is the eternal validity of the Golden Rule — as you treat others you WILL BE treated in this life or another. In any event, that does not change the moral issue at stake here. Another reason for people choosing homosexuality is that older siblings (or others) consistently frightened them as infants. Those children grow up not understanding why they are attracted to same gender others, or to no others, because they don’t consciously remember what was done to them when they were infants that caused them to not trust and to fear rather than love. God’s law is clear and firm against homosexuality. Everyone on earth has a cross of some sort to bear. Those who have been pressured into sexual confusion should seek God’s guidance to not succumb, but should work to endure their particular challenge as others work to endure their own unique challenges. No one should scorn the homosexual, but it is appropriate for society by its laws to remind them that their choice is against the will of the Creator of the universe and, by those who respect God’s presence and will, against what society will endorse. More information about this issue is in my e-book (on Kindle) If You Ask Me…. Peace, ND (Nancy Dobson at blog nomagicwandchristianity).

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