Technology is a pretty amazing thing.  I celebrated a birthday yesterday, and had greetings from all sorts of people.  Phone calls with family, cards from parishioners, and a cavalcade of greetings on Facebook.

I’ll quickly acknowledge that Facebook birthday greetings are fairly shallow for the most part, an easy and almost mindless way of touching base with someone you likely wouldn’t otherwise have said anything to on that particular day.  But strictly from the ‘roll call’ aspect, it’s still amazing.  I can divide my life up into about ten fairly distinct phases or stages, and I had greetings from people from every one of those phases.  People who have known me since grade school as well as more recent friends and parishioners.  It’s amazing to see those names that span a lifetime.  It’s a simple pleasure, being able to look back over life and recognize a small fraction of the many, many people who have been, are, and might one day be a part of it.  Thanks to everyone for being part of my story.  And thanks to God that my story is all a part of his story!

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