Me, Myselfie, and I

An interesting article on the escalation of narcissism in developed nations, driven by technology and obsession with popularity that now never needs to take a break – or can.  If you have kids or know kids, you need to be aware of this.  This is a primary reason why our kids don’t have cell phones, and why I haven’t broken usage rules for major e-mail providers to give my kids their own e-mail accounts.  I tend to think that age requirements for mail systems like Google are a good thing.

I’ll also state that home-schooling changes the dynamics described in this article.  My kids do not spend the majority of their weekly waking hours being shaped by the behavior and expectations of their peers, who are in turn often shaped by media.  Our kids have lots of friends and spend time with them weekly, but not in the peer pressure cooker of a classroom or, more still, the pressure cooker of the hallways, locker areas, and lunch tables between classes.

It isn’t that my kids won’t learn from their peers – they will, and in most respects that’s good. But they’ll also learn in a context that is shaped primarily by our family’s values, not school culture’s values.  While we can’t control how they will turn out, at least they have the benefit of deeper grounding in relationships where they are valued for more than their clothing and potential sex appeal.

As I’ve highly suggested in the past, if your kids are using technology, you need to talk with them about it and set limits on it at home.  It’s addictive, and (like most anything) it can be just as destructive as it can be helpful.

2 Responses to “Me, Myselfie, and I”

  1. wilsonc2015 Says:

    Haha great title. Interesting ideas

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