On the Defensive

If you have a gym membership, and if you actually go to the gym, and if you actually work out and get sweaty and use the lovely locker room facilities you are paying for, you should probably check the fine print and company policy as to who might be in there with you.  It just might be that your gym allows people of the opposite sex – who are more comfortable considering themselves your sex rather than their biological one – might be allowed to be in there with you.  And nobody is likely to be checking whether they are legitimately transgendered (is there such a thing?), or just perving.

A Michigan woman was recently shocked to discover a man in the woman’s locker room with her.  Or at least someone that looked like a man.  When she complained to the local staff and then corporate headquarters, her membership was rescinded for being intolerant.  It urns out the man considered himself transgendered.  The company allows self-identified transgendered people to use the locker rooms of the opposite sex, and people who disagree with this can be deemed intolerant.

Who monitors who self-declares themselves transgendered?  What does this mean?  Can this fluctuate from day to day?  Is there some sort of paperwork that has to be filed when joining, claiming transgendered status and indicating which locker room you will be utilizing?  Would this person then be guilty of misconduct if they decided to use the other locker room upon occasion?

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